Vacuum facility

Useful dimensions:

1500 x 1000 x 1200 mm and 900 x 600 x 600 mm

Temperature range:

Up to 1,350 °C; quenching pressure: up to max. 10 bar; charge weight: 2,000 kg


Hardening, tempering, ageing, annealing, e.g. stress-relief annealing, Sub-zero-cooling

The modern vacuum furnaces at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Härterei Technik GmbH are particularly suitable for the low-distortion hardening of tools.

The process is controlled by thermocouples positioned on the tools.

This guarantees optimum process control.

Process documentation is ensured by recording of the measured data and archiving systems. Vacuum hardening is a modern, environmentally friendly form of heat treatment that makes it possible to impose very stringent demands on:

  • Dimensional stability,
  • Minimum distortion,
  • Metallically bright surfaces.


  • Little effect on the surface layer
  • Ideal surface for subsequent plasma nitriding processes
  • Minimisation of the quench cracking risk thanks to gentle, controlled cooling in a gas stream
  • Minimum residual stress in the workpiece

The facilities at a glance

Heat treatment options available at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Härterei Technik GmbH

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Vacuum facility

Vacuum facility

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