Useful dimensions:

900 x 600 x 600 mm

Temperature range:

Up to 1,050 °C


Case hardening, neutral hardening, tempering, ageing, annealing, e.g. stress-relief annealing, gas nitriding, carbonitriding, nitrocarburising

Inert-gas heat treatment covers the range of thermal and thermochemical processes. Alongside hardening or quenching and tempering under inert gas with subsequent oil-quenching, the thermochemical processes are capable of specifically altering the surface properties of the components by enriching the surface layer with carbon and/or nitrogen.

The processes are performed by ultra-modern, computer-aided program controllers, and the set process parameters are constantly analysed and updated.

The available equipment inventory is fully automated, and thus also features automatic loading and unloading of the units.

This automation guarantees a high standard of product quality, as well as particularly favourable delivery times.

Precision hardening

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Härterei Technik GmbH Location Lüdenscheid has developed a process that minimises distortion when hardening rails.

The advantages are reduced grinding allowances, resulting in attractive savings on finish-grinding.

Application examples:

  • Guide rails
  • Precision flats
  • Revolving blades

The facilities at a glance

Heat treatment options available at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Härterei Technik GmbH

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Inert-gas facility

Inert-gas facility

DEW Härterei

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